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Founded in 2010 during a 100km bumpy ride in India, Art of Bicycle Trips specialize in crafting unique experiences to India and Asia-at-Large. Each day is crafted with utmost care so that you are well-rested; get a drift of local culture and cuisine and enjoy the splendid backroads at your own pace.

With our core focus on activities, we create and deliver exceptional experiences across Asia. We work with some of the finest local specialists based in your tour region as co-creators from itinerary designing to on-ground operations so that you experience the destination from a local perspective. We’re all about small and local details.

Our story

Our journey started when three of us left one morning for a 100km ride to Cauvery Fishing Camp (off Bangalore), we came back surprised, out of our comfort zones, enthralled by the outdoors and moved by the simple living in the countryside. We had ridden out of the city for about 60km and were sitting under a statue of Mahatma Gandhi discussing the ride till then. We realized for some bicycle is a utility, for others it is a revelation of human potential and endurance, and for many more it is a new and unique experience – a perfect way to discover the heart of the country.

Our guiding principles and business ethics

  • We believe cycling and hiking are a catalyst for a new paradigm based on the human traits of integrity, empathy, and transparency, and encourage people to follow along the same lines.
  • We are committed to being honest, transparent, and accurate when we communicate with customers, whether in advertising, product information, or more detailed travel outline.
  • We are committed to proactively dealing with issues and complaints if things go wrong and will make every effort to make it right.
  • We believe in small-scale units, communal ownership, and regional workplaces utilising local labour and resources.
  • We put sustainability at the core of business decisions and strive to achieve sustainable profitability. Sustainable profitability for a business means that an organisation provides a service or product that is both profitable and environmentally friendly.
  • We care about our planet and ask questions about the cost in human terms, in health and environment, through our actions.

Our leadership

pankaj mangal

Pankaj Mangal

Having undergone the rigmarole of meeting rooms and pie charts, Pankaj savors nothing but hot cups of tea and some local gossip with villagers in faraway places. The last many years have been largely on his set of wheels, since he set out to explore his own bizarre country - the long bumpy rides, traversing miles of isolated roads and sharing stories with strangers has been absolutely worth it!


Dibin Devassy

After six years, Dibin was happy to leave Dubai’s clinically clean environs and come right back to exploring the wonderfully unkempt and thickly green landscape of good old Kerala on his cycle. Amongst the diverse Kerala experiences, Dibin loves the traditional cuisines and organic farming methods the most! If he’s not scouring through the Kerala trails, you will find him hooked to movies with an intellectual tug; Into the Wild is his favourite! Oh not to forget he has cycled from Bangalore to Ladakh in one month.

What to Expect

We put customer expectations at the centre of the way we work, building them into our products and service, and giving customers confidence in Art of Bicycle Trips.

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Thoughtful Itineraries

Itineraries that are designed to reveal region’s diverse culture, heritage and countryside.

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Quality Equipment

When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good equipment to enjoy it.

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Expert Guides

The folks who steer you towards a unique and enriching experience and add meaning to your vacation.

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Amazing Travel Pals

Connect with outdoor adventurers, who enjoy the camaraderie of exploring the world with like-minded people.

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