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Outlook India: 21-Nov-2019 Here are five biking tours in India that are extremely immersive, slow-paced and make for a must-have ... Bengaluru - Art of Bicycle Trips. Read more

Lonely Planet Magazine, April, 2013

The theme of the Art of Bicycle Trips (ABT), based in Bangalore, is tourism on a bicycle. The gear - a suitable Trek mountain bicycle and helmet - and an experienced cyclist guide are privided by ABT. You bring along the basic stamina and desire to get off the couch.

Economic Times, Nov 21, 2011

Till last year, Bangalore-based Pankaj Mangal was a regular, run-of-the-mill corporate executive with cookie cutter credentials: an engineering degree, followed by an MBA in marketing, both from Ahmedabad. In mid-2009, he got a job as a marketing analyst for Mu Sigma, an analytics firm, with a monthly salary of Rs 60,000. Little did he know that an innocuous weekend getaway would change his life completely. Read more

TimeOut Bengaluru Magazine, June 10, 2011

Grey skies and monsoon rains don't bother cycling tour operator Pankaj Mangal all that much. Over the last year of running his company, The Art of Bicycle Trips, he’s found takers in all kinds of weather conditions. Read more, May 25, 2011

In a conversation with Pankaj Mangal talks to us about the story behind Art of Bicycle Trips, his business model and expansion plans. Read more

The Times of India, February 21, 2011

TAKE A BIKE! Fancy a slow journey of discovery that takes you through a panorama of cultural insights and steers your thought processes too? All it takes to get on this trip is a bicycle, a group of like-minded people and a path to explore.

Business Today, March 20, 2011

Art of Bicycle Trips organises two tours - a 15-km tour on Sunday mornings across Victorian Bangalore and a 40-km trip to Nrityagram Dance Village on the outskirts. It is only a weekend hobby at present, but Mangal thinks the business can break even in the next 12 months. Read more

The Hindu | February 02, 2011

Three young men take off on their bicycles to Bhimeshwari over the weekend. That's what most of Bangalore's young people do on weekends all the time — get away. Read more

Deccan Herald | January 18, 2011

Happy days are here again as a group of young bicycle enthusiasts are silently and slowly reviving the love for bicycles in the IT capital of the country and turning the simple pleasure of bicycling into an attractive and healthy holiday alternative. Read more

Mid-day | December 08, 2010

Swap your bed for a bike ride this weekend that promises to make you a bit more informed about your city and state's culture. Read more

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